Corporate mission (general conception companies) – creating material for the homepage MPJG company we recognised the Services Business, that our competence and exceptional experience let us to the unique approach towards the Customer.

Understanding the complexity of business processes we reached a conclusion that we had the adequate knowledge and competence in providing Customers with a wide range of services of the type „ services business ”. We are convinced that it is favouring us on the market of outsourcing services of what a confidence of Customers which entrust us with more and more business, not being their core operations.

What we offer

Personnel administration

  • We establish and update databases of employees
  • We draw up complete employees documentation according to the Polish Labour Law
  • We keep personal files of employees
  • We establish and account employees' entitlements


Administration and payrolls

  • We calculate payrolls
  • We prepare files of transfers and files of posting the remuneration
  • We draw accounting declarations up to ZUS (SII) and tax offices
  • We calculate civil-law agreements


Accounting service (Bookkeeping)

  • We keep Accounting Books for limited liability companies
  • We conduct revenue and expense book records of persons having the business activity
  • We draw up tax declarations the income tax and the VAT
  • We keep a register of the VAT of the purchase and the sale


Regulations and reports

  • We draw up company’s regulations required by the labour law adapted for needs of the Principal
  • We prepare internal policies and procedures
  • We draw up and send PFRON (National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund - NDPRF) declarations
  • We execute statistical statements to the Central Statistical Office
  • We draw up reports on the remuneration and other personnel records according to the needs of the Principal


Additional services

  • Organization of company’s events
  • Training on the flow of documents in streamlining the process in the company
  • Recruitment of employees
  • HSW (work safety and hygiene) trainings
  • Staff taining and coaching